The data I have used for this project comes from the Georgia Virtual Vault’s transcriptions of Clarke County death certificates from 1919-1927 (a few in 1928). I have focused on causes labeled as stillborn or premature, and then any cause for infants 12 months or less. In addition, I created a second data set with somewhat arbitrary age categories of stillbirth, day old, first month, and three years or less. This gives some insight into whether infants who take their first breath are able to survive beyond their initial 24 hours in this world, if infants are primarily dying in their first month at their most immunologically susceptible time, or if we see more toddlers dying than newborns. Most of my visualizations focus on several categorical divisions at once, in an effort to see new combinations of charted data. Given the nature of the human element in filling out these forms one hundred years ago and then transcribing the writing today, there may be errors in names or dates, but I believe the substantive classifications of age, race, gender, and cause (in stillbirths) are materially accurate. See here!


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