Digi Project

Midnight Knell is dedicated to using graphic visualizations to help see historic infant and stillbirth data in ways previously impossible. The aim is to tease out patterns of death in the youngest demographic with a particular emphasis on race. Every society pays the mortal toll, the question remains, who pays it when.

Addressing stillbirth and infant mortality for a small town like Athens, GA, is a twofold problem because race has caused inequalities in healthcare, i.e. prenatal care, thus any solution to lowering these rates came first to lowering the white rate through providing better sanitation and medical care, and second the black rate through acknowledging healthcare as a civil right (still). Inherently one may think birthing is universal to all women, and in many ways it is, however the health of mother and baby depend on a lot more than just the act of delivery. Prenatal care and maternal education have been proven to lower stillbirth and infant mortality rates. And the significant population that Midnight Knell does not attempt to address is the mother’s mortality, particularly post-birth death. Click here for more!